Coffee is a journey. It takes us to places, places where we dream, live, create; be.

We all have experienced this journey, and all want to travel there again. Our goal is to create an avenue for you to experience this journey at home, and thus we are pleased to offer some beautiful coffees as a subscription. We roast to perfection and ship directly from our roasting facility to your door. 

Begin your subscription journey today.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How soon will I get my coffee?

    After your order processes, it typically takes us at least 2 business days to roast, package, and send out your coffee. Fresh is a good thing!

  • What size are the bags?

    We currently are set to send 300 gram bags. If you would like larger amounts please email us here for more details!

  • What kind of coffee?

    Our 'standard' shipment will be Ursa Major, a blend of Colombia Huila Monserrate and Nicaragua Santa Gema. We also have the option to rotate between our single origin offerings on a monthly basis.

  • Do you offer discounts for corporate purchases?

    We do!

    If you’re interested in ordering Rowster Coffee for a large organization, please email us here.

  • Do you offer decaf?

    We do offer decaf to our subscribers. Currently the decaf is an Ethyl Acetate process from Colombia.

  • Could I have coffee delivered to more than one address?

    We are currently managing this feature manually. If you'd like to setup multiple subscriptions with more than one delivery address you can email us here and we will get it setup for you.

  • Could I get ground coffee?

    We reccomend whole bean coffee only to keep the coffee’s quality and integrity for as long as possible. We are able to send ground coffee, and if this is your desire, please email us here.

  • I am living in a country other than the United States. Can I still get coffee?

    Rowster Coffee currently only ships to the USA. We may expand our reach to include international orders in the future. If this is your request, please email us here to give more details.